The courses are a mixture of face-to-face and online programmes.
All COVID regulations are adhered to during face-to-face meetings.

Below you will find dates for 2023 – More dates virtual or face-to-face to be added based on demand.



The Thinking Partnership



The Thinking Foundation



Transforming Meetings and Bespoke Team Coaching in a Thinking Environment

The Thinking Partnership is a unique, inspirational and experiential course exploring the theory and refined practice of this unique way of working one to one. This course will teach you how to be a Thinking Partner, how to run a Thinking Session and how to apply the principles of a Thinking Environment.

For anyone who manages or facilitates or works with – or in teams, this foundation programme will inspire you to participate in, and lead day-to-day discussions and meetings differently.

To experience, practice and learn about the different applications of a Thinking Environment for your team, to change the way you interact together, to transform the way you spend your time together, and to help strengthen the psychological safety of your team. You will not just learn the approach but also be able to apply it to your own meeting agenda and topics.

Course Length
2 +1 day programme

Course Length
2 day programme

Course Length
​3 day programme/bespoke

When & Where
27th & 28th November – Face to Face
11th December 2023 – Virtual Follow Up

Venue – Munich Suburbs (in English)

When & Where

​ 25th & 26th September 2023 – Face to Face
Venue – Munich (in English)

4th, 5th, 18th & 19th October 2023 – Virtual Course (4 x mornings)

2nd & 3rd November 2023 – Face to Face
Venue – London, UK (in English)

When & Where
Either at your offices or offsite at a venue in the SW suburbs of Munich.

​Dates to be agreed upon application/interest.

Time: 09:30 -17:00
Cost:  1,495 Excl VAT
(including lunch/refreshments)

Time: 09:30-17:00
Cost:  830 Excl VAT – Face to Face
(excluding lunch/refreshments)

Time: TBC
Cost: € 6150 exc VAT per Team
Minimum of 4 people – Maximum of 12.

To experience, practice and learn about the construct of a Thinking Session for 1:1 work.
To develop your skills as a coach to provide the space for your partner to think independently for themselves.

To experience, practice and learn about the different applications of a Thinking Environment for Groups to  transform meetings, group dynamics and effective thinking.

To experience, practice and learn about the different applications of a Thinking Environment for Teams, in order to change the way they interact together, to transform the way they spend their time together, and to help strengthen the psychological safety of the team. 


The experience was profound at all levels – as much personally as professionally. It opened my eyes to how I might parent differently as well as coach and consult differently. It utterly brought to life the meaning of generative attention. I really had a tangible sense of this quality of extraordinary quality of attention. I feel totally “held” by Anna, in a safe and supportive space which feels utterly non-judgement. It allows me to say things out loud that I might not even fully acknowledge to myself in my head usually.


Who can escape the magic of being listened to as if you were the sole being in this world? And then being subtly guided to conclusions you wouldn’t have dreamed of before?


I was amazed how in a short space of time the Thinking Environment facilitated by Anna fostered a feeling of connection between a group of people who do not all know each other very well. It cut through superficiality and dived quickly, but in a way that felt comfortable, to an authentic interaction between group members.


A wonderful awakening experience and a journey to connect deeper to whom I am. Anna is so real and authentic. She explains things so clearly, she is knowledgeable, confident, and professional and makes us feel safe to explore.


Anna has brought the team together on a journey of empowerment, empathy, and self-discovery. Time to Think is a gift in our busy lives.


I found the Thinking Environment session facilitated by Anna very inspiring. It has motivated me continuously to spend enough time on setting up teams and the right environments. The Thinking Environment is a good framework to have meaningful conversations.


A great method to strengthen collaboration, build trust and enhance the depth and quality of thinking in ANY team. Anna is so competent, supportive, and generous.


I have just completed a 3-day Thinking Partnership course based on Nancy Kline’s Time to Think and facilitated by the inspiring Anna Inama. This was the first time that this course was run virtually – and this is typical of the trailblazing attitude that Anna has – boldly leading where no one has gone before. Over the three days, Anna took us through the main concepts of Time to Think interspersing experiential learning with teaching and discussion on the application of the principles. As a result, I feel that I now clearly understand many of the cool concepts that underpin Time to Think – through generative attention facilitating independent thinking in my clients. What an amazing experience it is to be able to speak without being interrupted – to have time to formulate and explore my thoughts. I am now seeing the positive impact that this approach has on my clients. I would thoroughly recommend this course to any coach who wants to develop their skills – especially, but not only, for coaches who act as sparring partners with executives and leaders.


During Corona, lovingly embedded in the cosy seminar room of the romantic Landhotel Klostermaier in Icking, we learned to listen. Deep listening with our ears, our heart and indeed with our whole body. Anna Inama conveyed the important components of the Thinking Environment to us in a very professional, warm-hearted, and profound way. For me, it was an incredibly transformative experience. My conversations have improved a lot since then. They have become deeper, more substantial, and more attentive. I am grateful for the privilege of accompanying people on their journey into their own independent thinking and seeing where their thinking takes them. Thank you so much for this, dear Anna.


Anna has a very open, kind, and focused approach. She adapts to the needs of the group while making sure the group maintains focus. Her authenticity and passion for the topic is contagious which makes learning fun & easy.

Uli Otto

I did the Thinking Partnership course with Anna, and she made it a very special experience, it was a small group of 3 and it was really great as we had time and space to practice the thinking pairs in depth. All three days were well-structured and full of insight. Anna has a wonderful way of leading the group very gently so that everyone feels included, accepted, and loved. I am also looking forward to the Thinking Foundation programme with Anna in January. I would highly recommend Anna and the Thinking Partnership to anyone who wants to learn to think better for themselves and help others make better decisions. I am really looking forward to applying the newly acquired skills to my work as a personal stylist and to building up a coaching practice as a Thinking Coach.

Lena Frank, Style Advisor Twins

Anna is a wonderful coach and trainer who cares deeply about what she does. Her depth of experience and knowledge of Time to Think is extraordinary and the way she conducts the workshop is just great. As a participant, I felt heard and understood, cared for and comfortable throughout the two days. She made it very easy for people to open up and feel safe. Her workshops are held in a very pleasant and comfortable hotel with a great atmosphere and catering.


Contact Anna for more information 
​+49 (0) 176 84242729 | [email protected]
Anna is a certified Time to Think Coach and Facilitator and works in close partnership with the organisation
Time to Think following the work of Nancy Kline.